London, nuestra clásica tote.

London, our classic tote

The origin of the name Tote Bags comes from the XVII century which meant ¨carry¨. The concept of the ¨tote bag¨ changed in time to what we know today: a practical carry-all bag which can be worn in any occasion. This is a piece of the Tote Bag story:
In 1940 the term ¨tote bag¨ was employed for bags which were designed to make the handluggage more comfortable. From 1950 on, the use of the tote bags as handbag got more popular being  uncomplicated and not needing much care. In 1960, the tote bag gained a proper space with new, renovated designs. From 1990 on  these bags where carried as shoulder bags.
Nothing can match the practicity of the tote bags. 
In Lisa Lempp we have these kind of bags available in two different designs; London and Tokyo.

The series of images which illustrate this article are from the 2017, realized by Eugenia Ortiz .
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